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Further Focus on Dens of Girls and Dens of Boys - Can We Do the Same Things at the Same Time and Place? (Yes)

Posted on Jun 18 2018 - 2:38pm

Putting aside the question of whether a den can have both boys and girls (no), here is some focus on the related question of whether a den of boys and a den of girls can meet at the same time and place, and whether they can work on the same activity at the same time together: that was asked and answered on the October FAQ that April posted:

Here's a Q+A from page 8 of the updated FAQs released on June 12:
Q. “Should dens for girls and dens for boys meet at the same time and place?"
A: “It is up to the chartered organization and the pack or the den to decide meeting times and places."
Q: “Can separate boy and girl dens work on the same activity at the same time together?"
A: “There is no set rule or guideline on this. If appropriate, this can be treated the same as two dens of the same gender working together. It will be up to the good judgment of leaders to decide what is best for their units."

Bottom line is:  how your boy dens and girl dens do activities will depend on your numbers, your families, your leaders, your resources, and your chartered organization.

For example: say you have 1 second grade girl, the only girl in your pack, and 7 second grade boys. So the girl is in her own Wolf Den and the boys are in their own Wolf Den. If there is an engaged den leader and second adult (two registered adult leaders 21 or over, at least one female) for the girl den of 1, they can meet as a girl den of 1 – that may work. But if the families and leaders want, the two Wolf Dens can do all of the same activities at the same time and together. Just like two Wolf Dens of all boys. The only condition is that you'll need to have a two registered adult leaders 21 or over, at least one female, present at any activity with a girl. And hopefully that girl den of 1 will grow to a girl den of 10.

Separate dens of all boys and separate dens of all girls works best if you have nice den sized groups of boys and girls at each grade/handbook level with a sufficient corps of leaders. If you have, say, 7 First Grade girls, and 8 First Grade boys, that makes two nice sized dens. And if you have 15 First Grade boys and enough engaged leaders, you will want to split up into two dens anyway ... that's a lot of first graders.

Or you will usually. It depends on your families, your leaders, your resources, and your chartered organization. We’ve seen dens of 20 boys that, even if “split” on the roster, always met at the same time and place and did the same activities with a corps of 4 or 5 den co-leaders and assistants engaged, so that when they needed to split into small groups of 5 or 10 during an activity, they did so. We’ve seen other grade levels of 20 boys that split into two and went their own way on their own day and only saw each other at pack activities. They had fewer leaders (always at least two).

So … “it will be up to the good judgment of leaders to decide what is best for their units”.

Update for Registering Girls - How to Update BeAScout Website "Pins" and My.Scouting Organization Manager

Posted on Jun 18 2018 - 2:34pm

If your Pack will welcome girls as a "family scouting" Pack, be sure to update both  your My.Scouting Organization Manager settings, and your BeAScout Pin to reflect your status (see https://beascout.scouting.org/ to see how your page reads now, even if you'll remain all boys).  Updating unit data and pins at My.Scouting and BeAScout is an important step in helping prospective Scouts and their families get in touch with your Pack.  BeAScout is open for Atlanta Area Council Packs today to indicate your status as (a) boy-only (the original setting), (b) family pack (both boys and girls), or, (c) if you are chartering a new "girl only" Pack, girl-only.  To do this, start at My.Scouting

  1. A "Key 3" leader needs to log in to your https://my.scouting.org/ account (Key 3 are: Cubmaster, Chair, or Chartered Organization Representative)
  2. Select Menu at the top left.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select your unit
  4. Select Organization Manager
  5. Select the Settings tab on the right side
  6. Scroll to Family Scouting.  Under family scouting there are three key tabs:  “Family Scouting”, “Family Scouting Effective Date”, and “Unit Can Accept”.
  7. If your Pack is remaining boy-only, do nothing (this is the original setting)
  8. If going to Family Scouting, you can hit the three tabs like this:  (a) "Family Scouting" -- click opt in,   (b) "Family Scouting Effective Date" – enter today’s date, so you can see who is interested in joining (even if you don't have program scheduled until August), and (c) "Unit Can Accept" -- click "boys and girls" if you're moving from a boys only Pack.
  9. Click Commit
  10. This pin should update within 24 hours.

You may need to be sure your BeAScout pin is active and accurate – for more see this page or the BeAScout Unit Pin Management slides.

Please note: Online registration is now open in the Atlanta Area Council -- turn it on, and see who signs up!    

Twilight Camp Signups OPEN ... Now

Posted on Jun 12 2018 - 4:18pm

Though not directly linked yet at the Atlanta Area Council Day Camp page, signups for the July 9-14 "Passport to Adventure" Twilight Camp are open:  click here for Session 1 July 9-11 at First Baptist Church of Morrow, and click here for Session 2 July 12-14 at Woodward Academy..  From Amber Mays and Brad Mays: "This year we will be offering two camps at two locations. So choose the site that is best for you, or come to both!"  Session 1 is July 9-11 at First Baptist Church of Morrow, Session 2 is July 12-14 at Woodward Academy.  Do one or both or more!  More at their Facebook Page.

Cub Scout Summer Resident Camp - Overnight Camp

Posted on Jun 12 2018 - 4:18pm

You know ... you can go.  You can sign up as a Parent/Kid team of two.  Two adults can take up to 8 Scouts (the required leader ration is 4 Scouts per adult leader).  Take it from those who have been there ...  Summer Camp is the most fun thing you and your child can do during Cub Scout Years.  See this Cub Scout Summer Camp information.  Four 3 night options in July (July 2-5, July 6-9, July 10-13, July 13-16).  For Scouts signing up this spring or summer ... they can go too!  Program elements for Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos, so this spring's Kindergarten through 4th Graders will have plenty to do there!

Q and A about FAQs and Family Scouting - BSA Troop Topics

Posted on Jun 12 2018 - 4:18pm

So, there's lots of information on the official BSA Family Scouting page at www.scouting.org/familyscouting, but some of it is out of date, some of it is misunderstood, and some could use some clear guidance.   On the Boys Scout side of the page is an FAQ at https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Scouts-BSA-FAQ-050218-2.pdf announced a few weeks ago – likely to be updated – see the full FAQ at that link, but if you scroll below you will find some comments from a Council Trainer about some of the selected FAQs.

Unlike the simpler age of Cub Scouts, from the end of 5th Grade and up, there is concern from some that having girls around boys and boys around girls will not be optimal.  You know, Middle School and High School drama and emotion and all.  That’s why the Scouts BSA program for older youth will be a bit different: 

  • Unlike in Cub Scouting, the Scouts BSA troop model involves “separate troops” for boys and girls, a separate Scoutmaster (though the SM may be registered also in the other troop), and separate youth leaders, including Senior Patrol Leader. 
  • That said, the two troops may meet at the same time and place, do campouts at the same time and place, etc. … subject of course (certainly in truly youth run Troops), to what the youth leaders decide in the Patrol Leaders Councils of b0th troops.
  • So, it is possible, and maybe likely, that a new troop of girls that starts next February 1 (the earliest launch date) might join in with a current Troop sponsored by that Chartered Organization for meeting times and campouts. 
    • Or … as was pointed out at a recent parent/committee meeting of one of our Troops … the girls might say “thanks but no thanks – we want to go our own way”. 
    • Or the existing PLC of a boy Troop would want to go their own way.
    • Likely, there will be a mix of both, which could be an excellent development.  
    • When a Patrol up and announces “we want to do our own campout next month”, that shows youth leadership and independence. 
  • The expectation of the BSA is that a troop’s gear will be shared with a troop of girls sponsored by the same Chartered Organization.  
    • Toward that end, and for other reasons, a Chartered Organization/Troop Committee may elect to “pair” the two units under the same committee.  That is most to operate.
    • Also related to that, young men and young women leaders will need to cooperate, especially in roles like Quartermaster (as gear is shared) and Senior Patrol Leader (as events are shared). 

Selected FAQs and Comments:

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