What Our Scouts and Units are Doing ... or Out and About, Outings in Scouting or Let's Do This Too

A list of Upcoming Unit Events is in the first comment below (thanks to Units that have shared details), visible if you Log In (and if you forgot the Login codes, Email the Webmaster).  Troops, Packs and Crews: feel free to Add a Comment Below or Email the Webmaster to let the other Units in the District know what your Unit is planning.  Troops: Packs can look at the list of Upcoming Unit Events as their Webelos Scouts think about what Troop to join.  Feel free to note whether you would be interested in other Packs or Troops joining you (sometimes there will be space, sometimes there won't be . . . it is up to you, but sometimes more Scouts and Leaders means More Fun).  And if you go somewhere and want to give feedback on it, let us know, and we'll find a way to incorporate that into our resources here like our Cub Scout Activities Page (which also lists places Boy Scouts might want to go).  Feel free to also promote that YOUR unit is attending an event that is already on the District Calendar, to help encourage other units to join you.

More about what Units are doing can be found on their pages, including this Photo Site from Pack and Troop 631 (includes some District events and events from other units too), Websites of Pack 543, Pack 631, Troop 631, Facebook Pages from Pack 543 Jonesboro, Pack 777 in Hampton/Jonesboro, Pack 3499 RexPack 1030 East Point, Pack 964 Jonesboro, Troop 7250 Fairburn and Pack 631 College Park, Pack 4234 Jonesboro, plus the District Facebook page and a District Flickr Photo Site.  Got another?  Add a comment below (email the Webmaster if you need a reminder about the Login).