Website Guide: Where to Find Things You Might Find Useful on this Website

What's on this WebsiteHere is information to help you (leaders and parents and friends) put on the Scouting program for your Scouts (and when you need to remember the login for the private areas of this website, just email the Webmaster).  FYI, this Website is an "off the shelf" website product used by Boy Scout Troops, so that's why you'll see references to things like"Scouts" in the District and Unit Leaders Roster who are really adult leaders and parents (and that's why everyone is automatically listed as "male"), but ... the only names and emails on our Roster are "adults" serving Scouts or interested in Scouting as parents or helpers (some of whom are double listed as "Adult Leaders" on the Roster if they are District Volunteers, because in that role they also serve adult leaders).

The "Welcome" note at the top of the "Home" page of this website includes links to the cities in our District, contacts for our "Key Three" leaders and other useful links, including a list of our units, who sponsors them, where they meet and who to contact about their activities.  Immediately below that on the center of the homepage are "Announcements", which are the news of the District, calling your attention to important events and information. 

Down the Right side of the Website you'll find (1) in the upper right corner, links to some key sites like the https://my.scouting.org site with online training and other resources, the Atlanta Area Council website (we're a District in that Council), the national Boy Scouts of America website, and Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting pages of that site (all of which lead you to many helpful resources), and some links to our counties; (2) below that, "Event Registrations" where members of this website can "sign up" themselves and others for upcoming events by using the "register" button in each calendar entry and clicking "attending" (you can also give your "Regrets" if you cannot attend), and (3) further below, the list of "Upcoming Events" on our Calendar.

Then, down the left side of the website, under the "Menu", you will find the following (the order will change as certain events are given higher promotion):

A page called "About Scouting and How to Join" -- this has Adult and Youth Applications, links to Scout Shop locations, ways to contact key District Leaders who can help you, a list of all units and contact information for them, and other resources that give an introduction to Scouting, and how to start or join a unit.

Our Leader Training page that has an Overview of Training and links to on line training available to you right now: See the site for details (in 2015 the on line delivery process is changing). There's also links to how to get live/ in person Training here and around the Atlanta Area (because you can take training offered in other Districts too ... it's OK!). That site also has attachments referenced in training, like a generic Pack Budget spreadsheet you can adapt for your pack, and the Cub "Pack Leadership Team Training" outline we use.

To have fun, have activities, so the Activity Ideas Page gives month by month ideas about event to be sure that your Pack Families have good fun activities upcoming -- some activities good for Troops are listed too, especially in the giant list of places to go.  So use the page about Cub Scout Month by Month Activity Plan Ideas that we'll update with your ideas and feedback, so that you can use that to help make YOUR Pack's plan.  Ideas for Troops too. 

The What Units are Doing... page allows members to post a comment and share what events they are doing; the first comment will be maintained as a list of Upcoming Events by all units, highlighting cool ideas, and whether the hosting unit is open to other Packs or Troops joining them.   

Our Recruiting Tools page gives you materials to help you recruit new members and leaders and helpers.  Please know:  Recruiting doesn't start with "Sign Up Night" and Recruiting doesn't end with "Sign Up Night".  Recruiting doesn't even need "Sign Up Night" if you use our Recruiting Tools page.  Click on the Recruiting Tools page and you'll see pages on Flyers and MediaRecruiting LeadersSign Up Events, and Troop Recruiting

For Cub Scout Packs (and Troops that help them and recruit from them), Cub Scout Adventure Plans are attached with links to the new (in 2015) Den Leader Guides and advice about how to use those Guides (since they have many more "outdoor" adventures and "hands on" activities), along with some supplemental resources that flesh out the ideas in those plans, a roadmap of how to use the Guide's plans with "mixed dens" (dens of more than one rank level).  Click on the Cub Scout Meeting Plans page and you'll see pages for all five levels of Cub Scout Ranks, plus Mixed Den ideas and other resources.

The District Activities page includes descriptions of events put on by District Volunteers, like Twilight Camp (Cub Scouts, June), Pinewood Derby (Cub Scouts, Late Winter / Spring), Cub Fun Fair (Cub Scouts, September), District Banquet (all Leaders all Units, Winter), and TASCO (The Adult Scouter Camp Out, Winter), and the Order of the Arrow page has information about this organization, which is Scouting’s national honor society, known as a brotherhood of cheerful service. 

"Help For Units and Leaders" lists more Ways We Help Units and Leaders and Scouts, like:Our Unit Finances page has information about fundraising and other finance resources; The Atlanta Area Council has financial aid and other resources described on the ScoutReach Resources page; Our Uniform + Gear Bank page has a plan for donating and distributing uniforms and gear; Most every Unit does Service Projects, and that page has ideas; Every Unit needs to renew their charter by the end of the year, and our Unit Charter Renewal page has all your resources for that.  And more.

There is a "Roster of District and Unit Adults".which has Units listed as "patrols", simply because our product is an "off the shelf" Troop Website product.  So on the right side of the Roster of District and Unit Adults you'll see a list of all of our units, and if you click on any of them, you'll see that those "leaders of youth" have one or more leaders (usually Chair and Cubmaster/Scoutmaster), plus the other adult leaders known to the District Webmaster (update the Webmaster by email).  The other key list is on the left side of the Roster of District and Unit Adults: a list of all of District Leaders (called Adult Leaders, since they lead/serve the adults of the units).  If you know of another leader or interested parent in your unit whose email is not on your part of the Roster (or whose email is not correct on the Roster), that means that they are not getting direct access to this information and these resources, so please update the Webmaster by email

There is a District Calendar of key upcoming events that you and your Unit may want to consider; scroll through to find events that might be of interest to you as a Leader and your Scouts for their fun and advancement. 

To serve our Units, we need volunteers ... so see the "Help Wanted" page, or "Ways Adults can Help the Units and Youth of Clayton County and South Fulton County ... What Would You Like to Do?"  This lists possible ways that the different (but inter-connected) District volunteers -- those helping multiple units -- can be engaged to help multiple units. 

There are Links to various Helpful Websites.  These links include these categories: (1) "Official" Websites of utility to many of us; (2) Links to Advancement sites that list advancement requirements, and help "track" advancement; (3) Camping Resources, both "Where to go" and "What to do" once you get there; (4) Local Atlanta Activities and Destinations (places to go, things to see); (5) Lots and lots of Scout Program Resources (Pages of Links for both Cub and Boy Scout Meetings and Events, including Ideas for Activities, Ceremonies, "how to" do stuff, and much much more . . . .); and (6) Support and Miscellaneous (where to get stuff that Leaders might want to use -- browse that site, and you'll go "oh, so that's where you get those!).

We have Files of Resource Items for your use ("files" contain things we made, rather than things we link to). These include (1) some Boy Scout and Cub Scout Leader tools not found on other websites; (2) District Administration tools with our own information (not found on other websites) about Popcorn and fundraising and District Awards.

Other pages include: