Help Wanted -- Ways Adults can Help the Units and Youth of Clayton County and South Fulton County ... What Would You Like to Do?

Committee and Commissioner Roles -- Supporting Units, Leaders and Youth:  Scouts, Scouters and Scouting Units are part of a worldwide brotherhood of Scouting, and we gather together at National, Regional, Area and Council events and destinations, Multi District events, District Events, and events just between Units that connect to do things together.  The Atlanta Area Council organizes units in Clayton County and South Fulton County as a District called “Southern Crescent”.  Districts are responsible for carrying out four standard functions: program, unit service, membership and finance

  • The program functions concentrate on helping Scouting units through training adult volunteers, youth advancement support, camping promotion, community service promotion, multi-unit activities (such as camp o rees, cub twilight camp, scout fairs, pinewood derbies, shooting sports events), and recognition of youth and adults, all of which activities are “unit support” to help units do more. 
  • The unit service function of “commissioners” provides coaching and consultation by volunteers for unit adults to help ensure the success of every Scouting unit -- so commissioners stay abreast of and/or are involved in nearly all district unit support functions, and have a communication function to ensure units know of good program support opportunities -- all designed to support Membership growth and retention. 
  • The membership function strives for growth through new members and leaders joining existing units and (where needed) growth through the organization of new Scouting units – this must work closely with unit support/service areas (like training, activities and commissioner service) to help units be successful.
  • The finance function sees that the district provides its share of funds to the total council operating budget, and can support units in fundraising and financial practices.

Paid professionals, including District Executives and District Directors, support these functions. 

In the pages below are some ways that volunteers can help "beyond" just one Unit through these functions.  Want to Help?  Contact the District Chair or District Executive or take this Point and Click Survey, as nearly every role could use more help, assistants, potential successors, and teams can form based on interests, plus new services, events and programs may arise if someone has the passion for it ... contact information for current district leaders and committee and commissioners are found in the "Adult Leader" section of the Roster, email the webmaster if you need Login information – in the notes in the pages linked, pending District Chair / Key Three selections for 2017 that are believed to be approved, we note who is currently in the role, so references to “2017: ____” just mean that process is not complete today, not that a person is not returning:

Coordinating all is a District Committee Chair (2017: Korey Washington; 2016: Jack Butler), along with the District Executives and the District Commissioner on unit service functions.  Main role of a chair is to preside over Committee tasks and meetings, so planning, recruiting, coordinating, and follow through on functions is key.  The Chair oversees a team to "get it done" in accord with the Scout Law, and represents the District to the Council and Community.

    • Vice Chairs can help the Committee Chair in various roles that might be support, special projects, succession, or as defined by the Chair and based on the interests of the Vice Chairs.
  • Closely related to the Chair's recruiting Job is the Nominating Committee, which is very busy in the early fall before Annual Business Meeting and the election of District Committee, but should be active year round to be on the lookout for possible new committee members and volunteers (especially from the community at large), to help fill out teams, and plan for the future.  See "Selecting District People".
    • 2016 Nominating Committee was: Phillip Jackson (Chair), Brad Mays, Korey Washington, John Smith, Jack Butler.  
    • 2015 Nominating Committee was: John Smith (Chair), Brad Mays, Korey Washington, Gerius Patterson 

The Four Functions are (click below for opportunities to help):

Program Functions ... are “unit support” to help units do more and better program.

Commissioner Staff / Unit Service functions . . . counseling units, and connecting to District and Council and National resources.

Membership Functions ... supporting the recruiting of new youth and adult members.

Finance and Fund Development functions . . . fundraising for Units and Council.

Need Help? Want to Help?  Contact the District Chair or District Executive.

Links to other websites with useful stuff are found in our "Links" Folders, and key resources are to the left of this page, under "Menu".  This "District Help Wanted" page applies BSA ideas to a current perception of our resources and opportunities, having adapted and updated the material in this District Operations summary (How the district carries out the operational mission of the council), this Activities and Civic Service Committee Guide, this District Committee Training Workshop Outline and this Handbook for District Operations.  Some information about District Administration is posted in our "Files" section at District Administration, and more can be posted (especially historical information) if you want to send something to webmaster@southfultonscouting.com.

All Scouting is Local.  Find Your Own Trail.  There are Many Good Ones.  Respectfully Submitted.