Month by Month Activity Ideas: Plan for the Next Month or Two, or a Whole Year!

Program Planning is what makes Scouting Units successful.  Here is a set of activity ideas for your Scouts for every month of the year (mostly Cub Scouts, but many of these are for Boy Scouts too) -- plus a version of a "Be One With The Wild" flyer YOU can edit, and include your Pack activities (just open that link, and copy that document to your computer as your flyer, and get that flyer in the hands of boys and families) so you can have fun like this

To help you, here is a month by month view of selected activities you might do over the your Pack's year – with hyperlinks to event information -- rolling from right about now (we'll try to update this as events come on-line and roll over the calendar, and if you hear of a new event, email the Webmaster):

April: More Outdoors Ideas . . .   

 May: End of Year Party or Event? 

June/July: Summer Camps, Day/Twilight Camps and Other Options -- Get Outdoors! 

August: New Member Roundups / Rallies: Do Something Fun for Families 

  • Recruit.  Recruiting is not only "School Sign Up Nights" -- get parents and Scouts who like Scouting to attend "Meet and Greet" / "Open House" / Registration Days at Schools ... watch the August Calendar and your local school calendar, so that Parent to Parent, Boy to Boy, your Unit can bring in new members.  
  • Recruit.  Recruiting is not only "School Sign Up Nights" -- see this BSA Recruitment Events page about fun ways to recruit (yeah, you can take Apps and $ at a fun event too!). 
  • Why not also do a Back to School Picnic and Cookout for new and returning members?  Why not make a Recruiting event a Bike Rodeo?  Doesn't have to be a big space, just the Church or School parking lot.  How about a Cookout? Picnic? Pool Party? Six Flags Outing? White Water?  What do YOU like to do for fun? 
  • But do watch for added “School Night for Scouting” or Rally Fun events (parent’s night, registration days).  Watch the August Calendar for School Nights.
  • How about August 19 Cub Scout Water World at Camp Thunder?
  • Maybe get some parents out to Training? See the Council Training Calendar at any time for Training dates around Atlanta. 
  • Or go somewhere on the Great Big List of Places to Go and Things to Do ... contact them, and see what you can do, and what special events they are having.  

September: How About an Easy Event? 

October: Camping Events (or "Day" Events) at Bert Adams Scout Camp and more 

November: Local Events? 

December: Celebrate? (but relax) 

January: Big Event?  And/or Derby Prep?  

February: Pinewood Derby?  Scout Sunday  

  • Celebrate Scouting's Birthday, through a Scout Sunday or Scout Sabbath observance and/or some other fun event or, maybe, a service project for your Chartered Organization or community (that you can record in your Journey to Excellence Service Project Website) ... and what better way to celebrate Scouting than Service, like Scouting for Food Service Project, which can now be done at any time. 
  • Maybe a Pack Pinewood Derby? 
  • OK, you might be thinking "Where is the Blue & Gold Banquet? -- Isn't that required to be in February?"  Nope.  Doesn't have to be, though it often is -- if that suits your Pack.  Some Packs have more fun if (1) more Scouts have finished their "Rank Badge" and get recognized at the Banquet, and (2) Den Leaders don't have to RushRushRush to get done by February.  So feel free to: Keep It Simple, Make It Fun – do your Banquet when you're Done!!  
  • Or go somewhere on the Great Big List of Places to Go and Things to Do ... contact them, and see what you can do, and what special events they are having.  

March: Scouting for Food Service & More Outdoors?    

Also attached you'll find the excerpts from the "Activities" section of Pack Leadership Team Training, focusing on how to set up your Pack Activities Plan, which is a great way -- maybe the best way -- to attract new Scouts and Families.