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The Southern Crescent District is in the Atlanta Area Council, serving Scouts, Leaders and Parents in Clayton County and South Fulton County. See the BeAScout website for location and contact information for Cub Scout Packs (Kindergarten through 5th Grade are Cub Scouts), Scouts BSA Troops (end of 5th Grade to age 18), and Venturing Crews. 

For an overview of Scouting, see this "We Are Scouts" video or this Pack 1030 animoto; or this "What Scouting Does Right" video; or this one about Cub Scout Camping and Outdoor Activities!  Or this one from a Michigan Troop (the activities depicted have been done by local Troops too!), or these.  Deciding between Sports and Scouts (you can do both):  see this clip.  Like us on our Facebook Page! And see the District Flickr Photo Site.  Need more information? Please contact:

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What Does Cub Scouting Look Like Now? What Are We Asking Families to Join and Do

Posted on Jun 2 2020 - 3:12pm

As we think about bringing more families into Cub Scouting (and get ready to share Recruiting Ideas like these), it is probably worth examining:  What Does Cub Scouting Look Like Now?  When we ask families to join us, what are we asking them to do.  Some ideas and options can be found at this page:  What Does Cub Scouting Look Like Now?

BSA Registration Fees Increase for 2020-2021

Posted on Jun 2 2020 - 2:37pm

As Announced on June 1, 2020 at https://scoutingwire.org/bsa-membership-fee-increase-details-and-faq/ (that page has a lot of additional information and FAQs and so on), the increased national membership fees for the BSA are:

  • $66 for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts participants (plus see below about a $25 New Member Joining Fee)
    • For those tracking budgets, that's up from $60 this year.
  • $42 for Exploring participants.
    • Up from $36.
  • $30 for council-paid memberships.
    • Up from $24.
  • $42 for all adult volunteers.
    • Up from 36.
  • $75 for a unit charter fee.
    • Up from $60.

New Youth Member Joining Fee.  Also, starting August 1, 2020, there will also be a one-time $25 joining fee for new program participants in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts; however, there is no joining fee for Exploring participants, participants previously registered in any BSA program (we believe that means if a Scout was registered at any time in the last 5 years), those transferring from one program to another, council-paid memberships, or adult volunteers.

Other Notes:

  • The membership fees will take effect August 1, 2020, for new members in the 2020-2021 program year.
  • For renewing members, the new fee will take effect on October 1, 2020.
  • The increased $75 unit charter fee will take effect August 1, 2020, for all new and rechartering units.

Our posting about the last fee increase in the fall of 2019 is here.

So, Check-Out:

  • A new Scout first joining in July of 2020 would pay $30.00 for the remainder of 2020.  
    • 6 months @$5.00/month (based on $60 per year).
    • No "New Member Fee" if registered and paid in June or July.
    • Total 2020 Registration Fee Cost, including $66 for 2021 recharter, would be $96.
  • A new Scout first joining in August of 2020 would pay $52.50 for the remainder of 2020.
    • 5 months @$5.50/month (based on $66 per year), or $27.50.
    • Plus the $25 new member fee.
    • Total 2020 Registration Fee Cost, including $66 for 2021 recharter, would be $118.50.

So better to sign up in July than in August.

Scouter Gone Home - Walter Thomas Little

Posted on May 23 2020 - 9:37am

Walter Thomas Little was born on October 24th, 1963 and passed on May 22nd, 2020 of complications from COVID-19.  Walter was a resident of East Point, long-time Scouter volunteering on many Twilight Camps and in other ways for Troop 44 and beyond, including the Atlanta Area Council Advancement Committee.  Walter was the oldest surviving non-shunted hydrocephalus patient in the State of Georgia (maybe beyond) and was a Former Fireman and also wrote a lot of Stories for Magazines and Blogs over the years about the Fire Service.  His recent writings on hydrocephalus and other topics can be found here and here and here.  He joins his wife Mary Lou who passed away May 17, 2019.  

Opt In, Opt Out

Posted on May 23 2020 - 9:18am

If you're no longer involved or interested in Scouting and you want to "opt out" of these messages, email the Webmaster and we'll drop you from the list.  But If you want to be "all in" on Scouting, see our Leader Training page (good resources for parents too ... now with online Scoutmaster training through the National On Line Training site at ScoutingU with the same login as at My.Scouting.Org), and if you want the login codes, just email the Webmaster ... 

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