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Recruiting Step Three: Recruiting Adult Leaders

Posted on May 21 2024 - 11:21am

Got a Calendar of Fun Activities for your Pack and Dens?  Good.  Sharing and Promoting Your Pack Program?  Great.  Next Step: be on the lookout for leaders.   You’ll need the essential roles of Den Leaders, Assistants and Committee Members of course, but you’ll also want many different roles and small jobs so that every parent has a path to helping.  The best Packs and Dens create a culture of collective leadership, one where Every Parent Helps and through this process you turn parents into helpers and helpers into leaders

To help with this step, see www.atlantabsa.org/RecruitingLeaders.  There are many ideas there -- and many videos there -- about how to create a culture that leads parents to answer “yes” when asked to help, from planning a menu of jobs and setting expectations to ways to ask for help to succession planning and more.  No one tool works for all – but all tools work for some.  Pick ones you like. 

For more, see www.atlantabsa.org/RecruitingLeaders.

Recruiting Step Four: School and Community Presence and Profile

Posted on May 21 2024 - 11:16am

As you develop a Pack Program Plan (your fun events) and Promote It to your parents and through your parents (and recruit leaders and helpers) … be sure that you’ve got positive presence and profile with your school population and your community.  Let them know the value of Scouting – let them see that your Unit delivers that value – help them help you share what your Unit does 

School Connections.  Now is a great time to thank your School personnel.  And -- working with your District Executive Isaiah Campbell -- to schedule your Pack Run Sign Up Night for August.  Just remember to be patient with schools – administrators, teachers and staff have a lot to juggle, even during summer planning time.  So be patient. 

  • Yes, this spring and summer you will not "wait" for your District Executive to schedule your School Sign Up Night.  
  • Packs and District Executives need to work together.
    • Ideally, jointly visiting the School to set up a School Sign Up Night.
    • But if you need to work, be sure you and Isaiah are in sync.
  • P.S.: it's OK to pick up the phone!  Isaiah is at 317.400.3954.  Also 

Things You Can Do Now.  There are things that Packs – not just leaders, but parents too – can do now, before any Sign Up Event.

  • When you have your Pack Program, and have a flyer that is your “Pack Packet” of key information and contacts and any information website (including photo pages) to share online, you can ask if you can get it linked on School or Community Websites.  Be sure you can show the school that your program lines up with their aims – Cub Scouting’s aims of Character Growth, Citizenship Training, and Personal Fitness should line up nicely with any school and community aims!
  • If parents in the Pack are in touch with other parents at the School, encourage them to share the Scouting story.  Parent to parent promotion is more effective anyway.  Let them share  your “Pack Packet” of key information and contacts and any social media you post.
  • When you’ve done activities – Day Camp, Service Projects, Advancement Awards, Summer Activities – share the good news with the school and community. 
  • As you find out about school access (and whether there will be in person “registration days” or “meet the teacher” days), if you ask nice and make it easy, you might be able to leave materials for pickup by parents, and maybe also be there yourself, maybe outdoors with a tent or other display.

Say Thank You!  By all means, send a thank you note, email or text to the Principal and staff – baked goods or a basket of fruit would be super too! -- just to let them know we’re grateful for all they do, and we’re here to help the community in any way we can. 

More ideas at www.atlantabsa.org/recruitingpresence

Opt In, Opt Out

Posted on May 21 2024 - 11:10am

If you're no longer involved or interested in Scouting and you want to "opt out" of these messages, email the Webmaster and we'll drop you from the list.  But If you want to be "all in" on Scouting, see our Leader Training page (good resources for parents too through the National On Line Training site at ScoutingU with the same login as at My.Scouting.Org), and if you want the login codes, just email the Webmaster ... 

Recruiting Step One: Make a Calendar of Fun Activities - YOUR Pack Program

Posted on May 14 2024 - 5:27pm

Cub Scouting is Fun, especially when it is fun in the outdoors with family and friends. Cub Scouting’s outdoor fun is needed by youth and families now more than ever.  To build that fun, we’ve got tips about successful and sustainable recruiting of families into your Packs and Dens.  Recruiting Step Number One is to develop your Calendar of Fun Activities – a program filled with activities that Scouts and parents want to attend, have a great time, and pick up the character-building that lasts a lifetime.

We’ve got ideas about how to build your Pack Program of activities at www.atlantabsa.org/cubcalendarplanning and in the 2024 YouTube about Building Your Best Year in Cub Scouting (a resource page for that video program is found here) – and more in this portal page to hundreds of Fun, Simple, Easy activities for Cub Scouts.  Planning can happen in groups large and small, in front yards and on local park trails, at the swimming pool or the bar b que grill – so invite your families to gather, do things, have fun and share ideas for your best year ever.

Recruiting Step Two: Get The Word Out – Promote Your Pack Program With Media, Flyers and More

Posted on May 14 2024 - 5:27pm

Once you’ve drawn a Calendar of Fun Activities – jump to Recruiting Step Two: Promote Your Pack Program.  The Perfect Pack Program is wasted if your Pack families don’t know the plan or if new families don’t hear about your Plan – and even a “pretty good” plan (like maybe just projecting key activities through the end of the calendar year) is excellent if your families get excited about it.  Here’s the Who/What/When/Where/Why about your Pack Program Promotion: 

Who Can Promote?  Anyone in your Pack Community.  Not just Leaders – Leaders should empower Parents to Promote to their friends and fellow parents at school.  Kids can call kids.  Peer to Peer is the most successful way to recruit – both Parent to Parent and Kid to Kid.  

What Can You Use / How Can You Promote?  For sure, use BeAScout, plus write up your Pack Program (and other relevant information like calendar and contacts and dues and other Pack policies) in a website or flyer handout you can share easily – maybe have one as your “pack packet” of key information and how to join.  Don’t forget pictures and video of your Scouts and Families.  Share using methods that work for you, from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest to emails to websites to local news to U.S. Mail to websites to whatever your families use.  A “one page” (two sided) flyer with photos, key dates, contact information and a QR Code/link to your Pack website is a key piece you want to share widely at any time and in many places. 

When Can You Promote?  For best results, when you have some Pack Program Plan that lets people know what they will do when they can join.  And any time you have updates to the plan, winter, spring, summer or fall.  Or just to remind of “what’s next” in the next month or two or three. 

Where Can You Promote?  Neighborhood, Church, School, Community, Restaurants, Stores, Places Kids and Parents Go, Den and Pack Activities, Social Media – and use whatever methods available to share information: website blurbs, flyer handouts, bulletin boards.  Got families that like Scouting?  Encourage them to promote on social media

Why Promote Now?  When you have a Pack Program Plan, share it!  No need to wait until school starts back up, because families can join now (easier if you use BeAScout and Online Registration).  If you have a fun, simple, easy and laid-back set of summer activities – like swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, parading, picnicking, games, cookouts, s’mores and more – you can invite families to join you at any and all of these events before the rush of a new program year.  

For more, see

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