Do Activities Families and Boys Like -- that's Why Families and Boys Join ... to Do Fun Things!

Families don't want to go to meetings ... Families want to have Fun, and to have Fun with Other Families.  

And if it's fun, good for families to do, and safe ... it's Cub Scouting!  See our Month by Month Activity Guide for easy options to set up your Family Fun Program every month, including dozens and dozens of other great places to go around Atlanta.  If you do activities families like to do, they will join you, and that is what recruiting is all about.

If You Build it, They Will Come

And don't call them Den and Pack "Meetings" ... nobody likes "meetings".  

  • Call your all Pack events "Pack Parties".  Seriously ... if it isn't fun like a party, it's probably not fun.  
    • Make it Fun! 
  • Cub Scouting is not Cub Schooling ... den meetings in a classroom or around a table are sad, not fun.  Boys want to have fun!  
  • And you can do it ... many of the Cub Scout Adventures are better and more easily done at Weekend Events like campouts or day hikes ending with an evening campfire …
  • ...  to have more fun, and get more family participation, Dens and Packs might do more weekend activities (invite others too ... they might join you!).  

For places to go and things to do, see our Month by Month Activity Guide for easy options to set up your Family Fun Program every month, including dozens and dozens of other great places to go around Atlanta.  

Activity Planning -- What do Parents Want to Do?  A brilliant idea from Pack 3310 is: set your "weekend fun activity" calendar by asking "What do the Dads like to do?"  and What do Parents Want to Do? 

  • Yeah, not everyone has a dad, and, sure, not all dads want to be a "leader", but most dads like to do things.  
  • Pack 3310 found that some dads liked tailgating BBQ, some liked fishing, some liked bowling, some liked skiing, some liked golf (your Pack families may be different … maybe NASCAR, shooting, hiking, swimming … ask). 
  • When the Pack found out what dads like, they build a fun activity program around Iron Chef contests between families at campouts, fishing trips (leading to a long trip to the coast), bowling outings, a ski trip to NC, putt putt golf and driving range and then 9 and 18 holes. 
  • By hooking the Tailgaters, Fishermen, Bowlers, Skiers and Golfers, they get a corps of adults to organize those events, and they are more inclined to participate in other leadership roles. 

If you're only "meeting", you're not "Scouting".