Advancement Resources for Troops and Packs

Advancement is one of the methods of Cub Scouting and of Boy Scouting.  Other Cub Scouting methods are the Ideals, Belonging to a Den, Activities, Involving Family and Home, Serving Home and Neighborhood, and the Uniform; other Boy Scouting methods are the Ideals, Patrol Method, Outdoor Programs, Association with Adults, Personal Growth, Leadership and the Uniform.  For information:

Boy Scout Advancement.  For new Boy Scout requirements effective starting in 2016, see the BSA Program Updates page.

Cub Scout Advancement.  See also the Cub Scout Meeting Plans page, because those Den Meeting Adventure Plans are all about getting advancement done through fun adventure activities.

Advancement Reporting (a/k/a "Internet Advancement").  For Ranks and other major advancement (like Merit Badges), Units submit advancement reports through "Internet Advancement".   Some "how to" tips are here, and in this video.  More here.

Other Awards and Recognitions.  But wait ... there's more!    See this list of awards that can be earned, and new in 2016: Cub Scout Shooting Sports awards.