Unit Commissioners: Volunteers who Help Units beyond their "home" units

Commissioner Staff / Unit Service.  Commissioners connect the Membership and Program functions of a District and Council to Units and Leaders. Commissioners are volunteers who will help unit leaders succeed at putting on a great Scout program, and making it as easy as possible; more about Commissioners is in our "District Help Wanted (Help Multiple Units)" page.  Commissioners will contact units from time to time ... but do not hesitate to contact a Commissioner.  Commissioner assignments are included on the Unit Contact Information sheet attached in the "About Us, How to Join & Unit Support" page, or contact the District Commissioner.  

Unit Service Plans.  One way to Help Units that the Southern Crescent District delivers to units are the attached Troop and Pack Unit Service Plan Assessment Tools, adapted from the versions at my.scouting.org to include helpful questions (like "how can we help?") and to give you resources right there and now as you review how your Unit is doing.   Or use this SurveyMonkey Service Plan for Troops, and this SurveyMonkey Service Plan for Packs, with the same questions.

Commissioner's College.  Commissioners spend time thinking and studying about how to make Scouting easier, better and more fun.  Many new ideas come about at Commissioner's College and in the research done there, some of which ties into the Journey to Excellence, others just about getting better.