Service Projects: Ways Scouts and Units can Help

Service.  Scouts serve the Community in many ways.  Scouting for Food, Eagle Scout Service Projects, Unit Service Projects, Order of the Arrow (the "Brotherhood of Cheerful Service") and more.  Consider a Flag Retirement Ceremony or one of these, and doing it with some publicity.  Here is a blog with 101 Service Project ideas.  Here's an interesting program: ShelterBox Scout Corps.  And the BSA Program called Messengers of Peace.  Another recent program is the BSA Adopt-a-School Program which was announced as "an exciting and comprehensive undertaking that will connect Scout packs, troops and crews across the country with schools in their communities. Participating Scouts then work, within clearly defined guidelines, to partner with school administrations and offer the volunteer services that most efficiently meet their school’s needs. With each unit offering their school a minimum one-year commitment, meaningful community relationships are built and significant changes will happen in the schools". 

See the JTE site for how to enter "Service Hours".  

Even Better:  let your community know that Scouts Help!  Many units have Facebook and other Social Media pages (we run a list here) and even more leaders ... what's better than bragging about how your Scouts Help!  Leaders: this helps you recruit too -- when your Scouts Help, let your Schools and Communities know what you do.  When you use photos, be sure to receive written authorization from those Scout's families (directly or as a signup for the event, or in the release signed by parents on Part A the current BSA Health and Medical Record), and never list a Scout's full name, first names only (or no names).

And there's more:  the Atlanta Area Council Activity Committee would like to see your Unit's Good Turns -- they ask that you please send pictures and a short write-up about your unit's service and you may be featured in a publication or on social media.  Send to Patrick Burns, AAC Community Service Coordinator at patrick19@comcast.net