Media and Flyers, Flyers and Media ... Use Your Social Media Resources!

To lead families to you, when you have a list of activities, let people know ... share your list of fun activities.  

For a list you can share that will get attention, look at these Flyers and Wild Flyers:

  • Atlanta Area Council flyer templates are now at this Recruitment Resources page, and there are more not shown there, like tri-fold brochures.
  • here is a version of "Be One With The Wild" flyer YOU can edit, and include YOUR Pack activities,
  • or why not make Home Made Flyers with your own pictures of your own Scouts and your own activities, but be sure to receive written authorization from those Scout's families (directly or as a signup for the event, or in the release signed by parents on Part A the current BSA Health and Medical Record), and never list a Scout's full name, first names only (or no names).  
  • here's a pdf of what it could look like, and
  • here's the Word template (just open that Word template link, and copy that document to your computer as YOUR flyer, and get that flyer in the hands of boys and families)
  • Sometimes flyers are created by the Atlanta Area Council for various events, like recruiting. 

You do not have to use Council or National BSA templates.  It is OK to make your own Flyer that has pictures of your own Scouts, whether or not it ties into any "official" recruiting branding -- as one Cubmaster reported: "our best recruiting year was the year when a Council flyer had pictures of our kids having fun ... other kids said 'hey, I know those guys!' and were much much more interested, and our Scouts were really eager to hand out 'their' pictures and tell the stories".  But ... if you want Council or National BSA fliers:

  • attached below are some flier examples from the "Build an Adventure" Recruiting Campaign (see the Scoutingwire Marketing and Membership Hub) and some from All Markets you can edit,
  • to build your own from your own template, we've also attached a possible "back side" of a flier that gives a list of the Big Events that your Pack will do ... because more people will be attracted by a calendar of "Fun Things". 
  • You can do this any time of the year:  Summer Fliers for School Year Recruiting, and/or Winter Fliers for Spring and Summer Events. 

If you need help making a Flyer, email flyers@southfultonscouting.com, and someone on the Flyer Friends Team will help you.  If you need the Volunteer Service Center to do printing, you can either send them your Flyer that you prepared, or have them create a Flyer with information you provide on this resource request form for flyers, posters, yard signs and more -- just complete that resource request form and email the District Executives.  The Atlanta Area Council also has new spring 2016 flyers for Troops and resources for religious organizations.  

Recruiting Tools Need to be Much More than Flyers and Yard Signs:  Use Photos, Facebook, and Social Media and Old Media.  Photos of what your Unit has done are best (so friends can see friends and want to join up).  Southern Crescent Packs might find themselves pictured in this Pinewood Derby Album (you can set it to run on "slideshow" format by clicking the "slideshow" button in the upper right), or this one, or this one, and if you just want a variety of photos of Scouts doing stuff, see the whole photo site there, for action from the entire spectrum of Scouting. 

Shout it Out!  Let your communities know what you do . . .

  • And don't forget to share your photos on Facebook 
  • Get on your Neighborhood Email list, and share what your Pack is doing ... 
  • Get on your School and Church Email lists and websites, and share what your Pack is doing ... 
  • see this Unit Public Relations Page, because getting in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV are good things to do too! 

No media method works every time for everyone, but ... every media method works some of the time for someone.  The biggest communication failure is the failure to communicate.