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The Southern Crescent District is in the Atlanta Area Council, serving Scouts, Leaders and Parents in Clayton County and South Fulton County. See this Google Map for location and contact information for Cub Scout Packs (boys in 1st through 5th Grade are Cub Scouts), Troops and more Pack information are at the BeAScout website

For an overview of Scouting, see this "We Are Scouts" video or this Pack 1030 animoto; or this "What Scouting Does Right" video; or this one about Cub Scout Camping and Outdoor Activities!  Or this one from a Michigan Troop (the activities depicted have been done by local Troops too!), or these.  Deciding between Sports and Scouts (you can do both):  see this clip.  Like us on our Facebook Page! And see the District Flickr Photo Site.  Need more information? Please contact:

Forgot how to Login (forgot the Username and Password)? Click here. Please see the "Menu" of items to the left.  As noted in the Website Guide, "About Us & How to Join" tells you about Scout Programs and Units, gives you the paperwork needed to join, plus a list of units (Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venturing Crews) and contact information for leaders of those units; Cub Scout Meeting Plans gives you "rip and run" complete plans for Meetings with your boys, and the Cub Scout Month by Month Activity Ideas will give you easy + fun ideas of cool places to go and things to do including this Great Big List of Places to Go (good for Boy Scouts and Visiting Relatives too); "Leader Training" shows you how to learn more for an easier + better program, and more.  We gratefully accept donations of uniforms, camping gear and Scouting resources, as part of our "Helping Our Scout Buddies" Service Project.  The Southern Crescent District serves South Fulton County, including Chattahoochee Hill Country, College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Palmetto & Union City, and Clayton County, including Jonesboro, Riverdale, Rex, Forest Park, Morrow, Lovejoy and Lake City; many of us are friends with the South Fulton County Chamber of Commerce, Keep South Fulton BeautifulSafe Kids Georgia programs.

Roundtable Thank You!

Posted on Feb 14 2017 - 6:07pm

From Kevin Butler, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner:  "Thank you to all the units who came out and supported roundtable this past Thursday, February 9 on Cub Scout STEM Actvities

  • Pack/Troop 44
  • Pack/Troop 297
  • Pack/Troop 1513
  • Pack 172
  • Troop 7250
  • Troop 374
  • Pack 1030
  • and our District Director, Brandon Dobbins, and District Executive, Zach Fisher.

Our next roundtable will be on 9 March 2017 and our topic will be Aqua Cubs."  Sign Ups are now open.  See you

Blue, Gold, and Green!

Posted on Feb 14 2017 - 6:07pm

"Recognition for Advancement is an essential part of Scouting. Set a date for your Troop's Spring Court of Honor or your Pack's Blue and Gold Banquet today, so that parents have it on their calendar and you can have a great program planned. These events are a great opportunity to engage parents who want to get more involved. Get it on the calendar this week, and let Brandon or Zach know so we can join you." -Zach Fisher, District Executive, Southern Crescent (W 770.989.2871 | C 404.245.1054, and zfisher@atlantabsa.org

RIP Morris Braswell

Posted on Feb 8 2017 - 2:46pm

From Jerry Martin:  Eagle Scout Judge Morris E. Braswell passed away after a brief illness.  

Services will be at 2pm Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017 at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, 1755 Duncan Bridge Road, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia.

For more about the life of Judge Braswell, see the obituary found here.

February 9 Roundtable - Cub Scout STEM Activities

Posted on Feb 7 2017 - 6:02pm

The next Leader's Roundtable is February 9 - signups are open (click the link, find your name in the "Scout" dropdown box - in our site, every adult leader and parent is a Scout - and click "attending").  Leader's Roundtable is an opportunity for any adult leader or parent to (1) learn from each other about how to play the game of Scouting (activities and opportunities and skills for meetings and activities, how to deal with kids and adults, and more), (2) ask questions, get answers and share ideas and with other leaders, and (3) have some positive fellowship with other leaders.  What would YOU like to learn about or talk about with other leaders?  That’s what Roundtable should be (more in these Roundtable Resources).   On February 9, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Kevin Butler reports that, for Cub Scout Leaders, the activity for the month of February is STEM.  FYI, for STEM ideas, see the STEM/NOVA page (STEM is "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics") and for more, see the BSA Pilot Program page here, and  And for Boy Scout Troop Leaders, unless there is a specific promoted program announced by a volunteer who wants to present it, Roundtable will be "Casual Open Question Time" ... so no special program, but it will be about what any attending leaders want to talk about -- if you have a special topic or question, add a comment below or contact the District Commissioner or the Roundtable Commissioner or the District Executive, or just bring your question or topic.  

How Successful was your Scout Sunday?

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 11:02am

Scout Sunday is more than an opportunity to wear cargo pants to church!  Take advantage of the public awareness raised by Scouts across the district and talk with your pastor about scouting.  Ask about potential service projects for the youth, find new volunteers in your community, and invite leaders in your church to join you for an outing to see what they're sponsoring.  -- from Zach Fisher

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