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The Southern Crescent District is in the Atlanta Area Council, serving Scouts, Leaders and Parents in Clayton County and South Fulton County. See this Google Map for location and contact information for Cub Scout Packs (boys in 1st through 5th Grade are Cub Scouts), Troops and more Pack information are at the BeAScout website

For an overview of Scouting, see this "We Are Scouts" video or this Pack 1030 animoto; or this "What Scouting Does Right" video; or this one about Cub Scout Camping and Outdoor Activities!  Or this one from a Michigan Troop (the activities depicted have been done by local Troops too!), or these.  Deciding between Sports and Scouts (you can do both):  see this clip.  Like us on our Facebook Page! And see the District Flickr Photo Site.  Need more information? Please contact:

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Pinewood Derby Update

Posted on Feb 3 2010 - 1:35pm

Here's new updates on the Centennial Pinewood Derby this Saturday February 6 (9 to 2 or so) at the Woodward Middle School.  First, thanks to those who have responded with information (names, etc.) to make this event easier, and to those who have volunteered so far to help (detail can be found in the Game Plan attached at the Pinewood Derby Calendar Entry and past announcements).  Second, thanks to those who have offered feedback or suggestions on how this can be done better.  Third, keep in mind (and please inform your parents) that when you see something this weekend that could be done better (and you will), the right step is to Volunteer Right Then and There to Help (please tell your parents this too . . . everyone is a Volunteer here).  Last, every area of our Plan could use more help right now (Repair Shop, Patch & Trophy Wrangling, Decor/Signage/Decor, Security, Concessions, Track Operations, Facilities/Clean Up, Publicity, Design Judging) to make this better for you and your Scouts, and it is easier to let you know how to help NOW than it will be on Saturday.  To volunteer to help, call (404.881.7385) or email Derby Commissioner Bert Bender, or contact the person handling that part of the Derby (most are in the District Roster).  Detail on the Jobs can be found in the Game Plan attached at the Pinewood Derby Calendar Entry; a draft of the Event Program is there too, as well as the Concessions Menu (Cash Only).    

Feb. 6 Pinewood Derby UPDATE: Still Need Names, and Volunteers, from Most Packs!

Posted on Jan 28 2010 - 5:16pm

Here's the update on this Year's Pinewood Derby on Saturday February 6 at the Woodward Middle School. This will be the biggest yet -- one huge Derby for all Packs (right now, we have 19 Packs: 54, 172, 205373374, 404, 631, 711, 1030, 1420, 1513, 195420003353, 3802, 7040, 7220, 7250 and 9000), so we'll be recognizing Pack winners and District Winners --  and with your help, it can be better than ever.  Did we say "with your help"?  Yes we did: ya gotta help (and big thanks to those who've signed up so far) -- and every Pack (except 374, 631, 711 and 7040) needs to get their list of Names and Dens to Derby Commissioner Bert Bender.  To volunteer to help, call (404.881.7385) or email Derby Commissioner Bert Bender or complete this quick survey, because we'll need help in a number of areas, like:

Scouting for Food Service Project is Coming!

Posted on Jan 27 2010 - 6:41pm

Genelle Jefferson of Pack 711, our South Fulton Scouting for Food Coordinator, requests that all units Register Online Here to participate in the Scouting For Food drive (FYI: "Scouting for Food" is an area-wide food drive conducted to support agencies that provide food to those in need -- the Atlanta Area Council will conduct this drive in 13 counties).  Sign up is open now (and requested so that Patches for Participants can be ordered), and will occur during March.  A "Scouting for Food Unit Leader Kit" is found here and should provide you and your unit with what you need to know in order to participate in this worthwhile service project.  Questions?  Contact Genelle Jefferson.

Centennial Celebration (Tree Planting, and Wear Your Uniform to Work Day)

Posted on Jan 26 2010 - 1:32pm

As you are all aware, February 8, 2010 is the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America.  As part of that celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, there will be a Centennial Tree Planting across the Atlanta Area Council.  The Atlanta Area Council, with the help of The Home Depot, will plant 100 trees during the Centennial Celebration week, including one in front of the College Park City Hall at 3667 Main St., College Park, at 5:30 p.m.  All South Fulton Scouts and Leaders are invited to attend (in uniform!).  Also, the Atlanta Area Council is encouraging everyone to wear their uniform to school and work on February 8. Please join in supporting the birthday of the Boy Scouts!

Attention Boy Scout Troops: Council Scoutreach Contingents Forming for Seabase, Northern Tier!

Posted on Jan 26 2010 - 1:30pm

Evidently, the Atlanta Area Council is organizing Council Scoutreach Contingents to attend Seabase (on the "Out Island Adventure") from Sunday, July 18, 2010 – Sunday, July 25, 2010, and the Northern Tier Canoe Base from Monday, July 12, 2010 – Monday, July 26, 2010.  These are for older Scouts (14 and up).  Scholarship applications for each are attached, and must be completed and submitted by February 5, 2010.

Pack Reminder: Scout and Den Data for Derby

Posted on Jan 26 2010 - 12:10pm

A reminder (in addition to the general reminder about the Need for Volunteers in advance of Derby Day, and the reminder that to "Log In", Username = member, Password = member1): each Pack has been asked to send to the Derby Commissioner the actual names of Scouts who will (or might) attend (we have responses at this hour from 374, 7040 and 631, thanks!).  This request is because we're gonna have a HUGE Derby (here's the estimates of Pack attendance), and to make things like Check In (data entry into the Scoring System) and awards (like Design Award Certificates), having this in advance is a big help.  Also, Packs can use those names for the Drivers Licenses that Clinton Hope of Pack 711 is putting together (with John Stringer of 374 and Genelle Jefferson of Pack 711): they would need the photos of your Scouts who want licenses, along with (identified to each Photo): (a) name, (b) height, (c) weight, (d) hair color, and (e) eye color.   (Evidently the template they have will take all of that data -- you can guess as needed on height, weight). 

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