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The Southern Crescent District is in the Atlanta Area Council, serving Scouts, Leaders and Parents in Clayton County and South Fulton County. See this Google Map for location and contact information for Cub Scout Packs (boys in 1st through 5th Grade are Cub Scouts), Troops and more Pack information are at the BeAScout website

For an overview of Scouting, see this "We Are Scouts" video or this Pack 1030 animoto; or this "What Scouting Does Right" video; or this one about Cub Scout Camping and Outdoor Activities!  Or this one from a Michigan Troop (the activities depicted have been done by local Troops too!), or these.  Deciding between Sports and Scouts (you can do both):  see this clip.  Like us on our Facebook Page! And see the District Flickr Photo Site.  Need more information? Please contact:

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Attention Boy Scout Troops: Council Scoutreach Contingents Forming for Seabase, Northern Tier!

Posted on Jan 26 2010 - 1:30pm

Evidently, the Atlanta Area Council is organizing Council Scoutreach Contingents to attend Seabase (on the "Out Island Adventure") from Sunday, July 18, 2010 – Sunday, July 25, 2010, and the Northern Tier Canoe Base from Monday, July 12, 2010 – Monday, July 26, 2010.  These are for older Scouts (14 and up).  Scholarship applications for each are attached, and must be completed and submitted by February 5, 2010.

Pack Reminder: Scout and Den Data for Derby

Posted on Jan 26 2010 - 12:10pm

A reminder (in addition to the general reminder about the Need for Volunteers in advance of Derby Day, and the reminder that to "Log In", Username = member, Password = member1): each Pack has been asked to send to the Derby Commissioner the actual names of Scouts who will (or might) attend (we have responses at this hour from 374, 7040 and 631, thanks!).  This request is because we're gonna have a HUGE Derby (here's the estimates of Pack attendance), and to make things like Check In (data entry into the Scoring System) and awards (like Design Award Certificates), having this in advance is a big help.  Also, Packs can use those names for the Drivers Licenses that Clinton Hope of Pack 711 is putting together (with John Stringer of 374 and Genelle Jefferson of Pack 711): they would need the photos of your Scouts who want licenses, along with (identified to each Photo): (a) name, (b) height, (c) weight, (d) hair color, and (e) eye color.   (Evidently the template they have will take all of that data -- you can guess as needed on height, weight). 

Now THREE Derby Car Cutting Options for Your Cub Scouts

Posted on Jan 19 2010 - 1:25pm

We now have three options for Car Cutting for your Cub Scouts: (1) Thursday, January 21 between 7 and 8:30 at Roundtable at Woodward's Middle School, conducted by Willie Wilkerson of Home Depot, (2) Tuesday, January 26, 3:30 to 6:30, at Woodwards LOWER School (just east of the Football Stadium, off Walker), led by Pack 631's Chris Edens, or (3) Thursday, January 28, between 6 and 7:30 at Oakley Elementary School, located at 7220 Oakley Terrace, Union City, GA 30291, off Oakley Industrial Boulevard, South of Jonesboro Road, again conducted by Willie Wilkerson of Home Depot.  Free.  Willie Wilkerson of Home Depot or Chris Edens will bring tools and allow Cubs to get their cars cut and shaped -- Cub Scouts bring their car kits (and leaders to supervise the Cub Scouts).  Questions?  Email Willie Wilkerson of Home Depot or Chris Edens of Pack 631, or contact Jason Flowers.

Help Haiti

Posted on Jan 16 2010 - 3:28pm

From the Scouting Magazine Blog on January 15: "We're still learning the full extent of the devastation caused by Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti, but we do know one thing: the people of Haiti need the world's help to recover from this tragedy.  We're sure that many of you in the Scouting community have already stepped up, but if you're still looking for the best way to do a good turn for the Haitian people, read the BSA's official response. Here's the complete text of the statement:  "Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti. Many members of the BSA family want to provide assistance to the people affected by this horrific earthquake.  Based on the information we have to date, the most immediate needs are for medical attention, food, water, clothing, and shelter. The most effective way to help is by donating to the American Red Cross, which is a strong ally of Scouting around the globe. While there are no Boy Scouts of America units in Haiti, Scouting is a worldwide brotherhood. We will continue to try to communicate with those in Scouting in Haiti through the Interamerican Region of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement. This region is composed of all the Scout organizations in the Americas and the Caribbean. The BSA will work through this arm to support the rebuilding of Scouting when appropriate."

Historical Merit Badges (offered only in 2010 to celebrate the Centennial) and NEW Merit Badges

Posted on Jan 16 2010 - 3:27pm

The BSA has also announced a special program in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the BSA, which includes the reintroduction, for ONE YEAR ONLY, of four Historical Merit Badges - Carpentry, Pathfinding, Signaling, and Tracking.  Also, a NEW merit badge, for Scuba Diving, was released and made available to Scouts as of December 1, 2009.  Four other new merit badges will be released later in 2010: Inventing in the first quarter, Scouting Heritage and Geocaching in the 2nd quarter, and Robotics in the fourth quarter. The basics of the 2010 Historical Merit Badge program include:

Save a Life Soon: Get CPR Trained

Posted on Dec 7 2009 - 10:41am

This Saturday, December 12 at the Scout Volunteer Service Center.    Go here to sign up and for more details.

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